Getting Started With Jenkins

  1. Understanding CICD.
  2. Understanding Jenkins.(you are here)
  3. Jenkins Android integration. (coming soon)
java -jar jenkins.war
java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort={YOUR_PORT_NUMBER_GOES_HERE}
java -jar jenkins.war --enable-future-java

Lets get started

  1. Tell Jenkins where your Source Code is. (Source Code Management)
  2. Trigger Jenkins to execute some task on your Source Code.(Build Triggers)
  3. Execute tasks on your Source Code. (Build Execution)
  4. Post execution response/triggers. (Post-Build Action)
Clone your source code
(H/15 * * * *)
Set a build trigger
Build Script
cd /home/abdulhakeem/.jenkins/workspace/JavaJenkinsExample/srcjavac
java JavaJenkins
Recipient List
Email Triggers
Successful build email notification





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