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  • Jorge Nicolás Nogueiras

    Jorge Nicolás Nogueiras

    Android Engineer | Technical Leader @ Etermax | GDG Buenos Aires Organizer

  • Manuel Vivo

    Manuel Vivo

    Android DevRel @ Google

  • Siva Ganesh Kantamani

    Siva Ganesh Kantamani

    Learn. Code. Write. Repeat. Visit me at https://about.me/sivaganesh_kantamani & Join my email list at https://sgkantamani.substack.com/p/subscribe

  • Ryan Brooks

    Ryan Brooks

    Android Lead @EmergeTools, former Android eng @Airbnb, owner @7weeksapp.

  • Paulina Sadowska

    Paulina Sadowska

    Android Developer

  • Simon Percic

    Simon Percic

    Co-Founder & Editor @ www.ProAndroidDev.com, Senior Android Software Engineer @ Zalando SE

  • Andy Dyer

    Andy Dyer

    Staff Android Engineer @ Ibotta, ProAndroidDev editor

  • Elye


    Sharing Software Development Experience, focus on Mobile. https://elye-project.medium.com/subscribe https://twitter.com/elye_project

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