Dependency Injection In Multi-Module Flutter Project

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Using “get_it” & “injectable” package to configure dependencies in a multi-module project.

Feature Module:

// simple class from feature_module@Singleton()
Class Engine{
===========================// configure injectable in feature module@InjectableInit(
initializerName: r'$initModuleGetIt'
void configureModuleDependencies(GetIt getIt) => $initModuleGetIt(getIt);
// class from main module@Singleton()
class Vehicle {
final Engine engine;
========================// Configure injectable in main modulefinal getIt = GetIt.instance;
initializerName: r'$initGetIt'
void configureDependencies() {
// configureDataDependencies imported from feature_module
void main() {
Vehicle vehicle = getIt.get();
var vehicle = getIt.get<Vehicle>();
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Did I get something wrong? Mention it in the comments. I would love to improve. 😊



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